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Inspired to meet you!

We are here to help you understand your dog better and gain success in your dog's training and well-being.

Mia Skogster

  • FMBB IGP World Champion with 2 different dogs
  • 6 x medalist at FMBB & FCI IGP World Championships
  • National IGP Champion with 3 dogs
  • Obedience average is 96 out of 100 points since 1996

Mia’s deepest passion is IGP obedience training, and it shows. When she is working with a dog, she gets completely lost in the process. As a coach, she isn’t looking for a ‘win’ per say, but rather a long and rewarding career. She has an impeccable eye for different types of dogs, handlers, and their unique needs as a team, and will adapt her coaching and techniques for each individual.

Mia’s specialty is her body consciousness, which offers tremendous benefits in dog training. She has developed a unique handling style which helps to inspire dogs. Many of her students have been amazed that changing something so small in their handling, can completely change their dog’s behaviour.

There is always a special place in Mias’ heart for strong dogs who have more demanding character. She is assured that many difficult dogs can turn into something great if their handlers just learn to affect and control dog’s emotions.

Emma Hietarinta

  • Master of Psychology
  • Certified Sport Psychologist
  • Competed with her dogs in IGP and FH both national and international level

Emma loves working with dog handlers and her empathy and engagement leaves no one cold. Her holistic approach to sport psychology and performance coaching focuses on helping the handlers to understand themselves better and to feel more compassionate towards themselves and their dogs.

Emma’s coaching philosophy could be summarized as follows: behind every true success story you can find the important small ingredients that made it all possible. Her scientifically-based methods aims to improve the wellbeing of both the handler and the dog. Her goal is not to optimize the performance per se.

Emma sees every handler and their dog as unique personalities, and her passion is to help these unique teams to understand and to communicate with each other more seamlessly and to strengthen the enjoyment and passion within.