Our mission is to inspire dog handlers worldwide and help them to affect and control their dogs emotions and behaviour.

Inspire ‘ur Dog Training Ltd was founded in 2015 by a small group of passionated IGP trainers.
It was created in response of Mia Skogster’s students worldwide asking for her Online videos and coaching.

Like an excellent performance in dog sports, this platform needed inspiration, effort and development.
It also encouraged us to share ideas and cooperate with other enthusiastic dog trainers, psychologists and scientists.
They all gave us valuable insight and now we are able to make it available for you!

All our team members share the same vision and goal, but approach it from different perspectives.
What unites us, is our devotion to improve the understanding between dogs and humans.

Our core values are inspiration, curiosity, competence, personal growth and sharing the knowledge. Even though, we aim for competition success, we always want to have fun in training and enjoy the journey together. May the final destination be the world champion title or becoming the best friend of our dog.

Whether you are already an experienced competitor or a complete beginner, join the pack and let us help you to inspire ‘ur dog and reach your next personal level together!

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