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Welcome to meet my favorite dogs!

Here you can read a story of my greatly beloved Helge, his incredible son Räty, inspiring grandson Inspis and adorable great-grandson Mahis. They all have a very special place in my heart.

Parendo Vinces Garrick Ollivander

  • Nickname Mahis
  • Our new treasure
  • Absolutely adorable puppy
  • Assertive, cooperative and well-balanced
  • Great-grandson of Helge

Mahis is my new wonderful puppy. His name is a Finnish slang word meaning a possibility. Mahis’ pedigree name is Parendo Vinces Garrick Ollivander. He was the wizard who made the magic wand both to Harry and Voldemort.

My intuition told me to choose Mahis because he reminded me of Helge. Both were the most trustful, poise and the blondest one of their litters.

I love to work with Mahis and he makes me smile every day. My goal is to make Mahis a self-confident and hopeful adult dog who works inspiredly and assertively in every discipline and who enjoys our cooperation as much as I do.

I’m posting regularly new videos of Mahis’ training to his vlog! I hope you enjoy our journey <3

Parendo Vinces Inspire Me

  • Nickname Inspis
  • SBPKY Finnish Champion 2019 and bronze medalist at 2020
  • Chosen to represent Finland at FMBB world championships 2020 & 2021
  • Average obedience points 97,5 at trials
  • Dominant, hard and uncompromising
  • Grandson of Helge

Inspis has taught me more about dog training than any other dog. He has challenged me and pushed me to my limits. He showed how much genetics and the inner motivation effects on dogs’ learning and cooperation. 

Inspis loved controlling people around him from early puppyhood. Combining dominance with high impulsivity, little energy and low cooperation skills made him extremely challenging to train. 

Most dogs naturally make eye contact and get excited by praise. Inspis learned them after years of conditioning. But still if you’d move your head, he stared off into space instead of following the eyes.

It has been an honor to own a dog like Inspis once in a lifetime. He cultivated my dog training philosophy. And he gave a good lesson on humility and empathy. Now I understand much better also dog owners and not only their dogs.

Räty vom Further Moor

Räty came to my life when I ended our career with Helge. Knut Fuchs has bred his female Crazy vom Parchimer Land with Helge and I wanted to have his son. I was then living in Germany and we had a tremendous chance to train Räty’s first year at Heuwinkl, which is one of the world’s best IGP teams. I have wonderful memories of that time. 

I trained Räty a lot and it fit him because he was such an active dog who loved to work. Räty loved literally everything. Tracking, obedience, protection, food, swimming, sunny days and pouring rain. Räty got many temperament traits from his father Helge. He was friendly to people, always ready to work and calm at house. He was a dog we could take everywhere among. He visited at least 10 countries in his first year and we made his first trip to Spain when he was only 9 weeks old.

I’m enormously thankful to have had the chance to had Räty in my life. He made me so often proud and even more often happy. 

Mecberger Chortoryiski

Helge was the epitome of the real working dog at its best. He had a rock solid character, endless fighting spirit and incredible ability to focus in all circumstances. Nothing could ruin his concentration or performance. His working moral was outstanding and he forgave me all my training mistakes.

I was there when Helge was born. I loved him from his first breath and I’ll love him until my last. He relaxed to my palm and trusted me before his eyes were opened. That was the beginning of amazing journey we made together. Helge changed my world. Because of him I became a professional dog trainer and met thousands of new friends and dog enthusiasts all around the globe.

Helge was also a gorgeous stud dog. Many of his offspring became phenomenal sport, police and hero dogs. Best friends and companions. He is also the father of Räty, the grandfather of Inspis and the great-grandfather of Mahis. Helge is the paragon of malinois for me and he will always appear in the pedigree of Parendo Vinces malinoises I’m breeding.