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The map to obedience your dog loves

May 31, 2020 - Mia Skogster

If you want to have a dog who loves to do obedience with you, you need to teach him to shift smoothly from rewarding to cooperation. Every high drive dog loves his reward. But the dog needs to love the cooperation too.

We must ensure that the dog doesn’t get too obsessed about his food or toy when we ask him to leave it. Cooperation and following handler’s instructions should be the only behaviours which benefits the dog.

Teaching the dog to make an eye contact after rewarding improves the cooperation hugely. The eye contact helps the dog staying in the balanced mood also when removing the toy into the pocket. In addition, the eye contact helps the dog to build the silent guarding in protection training as well. The dog offers the same behaviour easier with the helper, if he learned it with the handler at first.

Tips for teaching the eye contact after the release from toy

  1. Teach the eye contact with food
  2. Teach the release from the toy
  3. Add them together: release -> eye contact -> reward
  4. General for different positions
  5. Add moving -> teach first with food
  6. Put the toy inside the pocket meanwhile moving and reward the dog from the cooperation

A video from the eye contact (part 1) and the moving (part 5) with food

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