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The Finnish Championships 2020

October 13, 2020 - Mia Skogster

Our year was difficult because Inspis spent most of it on the sick leave. The decision to compete was made at the last moment. Read more about our preparation here

Our goal was to get a place in team Finland to the FMBB World Championships 2021. Perhaps we could still do very good in all disciplines and that would be enough for qualifying.

Inspis performed better than I ever dreamed. He did 96-98-91 = 285 points and reached a third place!

Tracking 96 points

Inspis started his track really confidently and calmly. He could have indicated the first article a bit faster. The second article was very nice. The third article should have been faster as well. The last corner and the last leg were a little more difficult because it was an area where tractors have been turning. Inspis had to focus harder and the last corner, as well as the few checks in the last leg caused a few point losses. All together he made an excellent tracking and 96 points. He has tracked only 7 times after last year championships, so I was really proud of him.

Obedience 98 points 

Inspis did again the best obedience at the championships! This was beyond any expectations. First of all we trained only few times and second, it’s Inspis.

People who don’t know this dog personally, it can be hard to imagine what it has taken. But those who know, will certainly understand that it has been like trying to drive Formula 1 with a tank. Or putting a bodybuilder dancing a ballet. Obedience was never natural for this dog and I have done my very best to get him inspired about it.

Inspis certainly loves to work nowadays. He just isn’t very elegant ;). He is a big boy, 72 cm tall and 44 kilos! And he doesn’t work because he wants to please me. Not at all. You can’t naturally change one’s personality and that is not even a goal. But Inspis is motivated and excited to do his job. And when he is motivated, he is also powerful and determined.

Protection 91 points

And the most ironic here is, that the protection is the most natural for Inspis. He is strong, he is dominant. He is a dog who loves the fight. But he has lost excellent now twice because of the control. That is a bit devastating.

Also this year Inspis did a very strong protection, but he somehow got an idea to run around the 5th blind when I sent him to the 3rd blind. Then I sent him to 4th blind and once again to the 5th blind. I didn’t quite expect this mistake although the blind search has been a little uncertain exercise for him.

What was clearly better was Inspis’ willingness to follow my heel command after side transports. Each training we did several repetitions for this. And every time I rewarded him by letting him attack.

But he of course didn’t get his reward at trial, so he was frustrated and more excited to play with the helper, when we ended at the long attack spot. He raised his bottom up when the helper started to run and I needed to give him an extra sit command. This mistake cost valuable points.

When Inspis’ heeling has now improved, we can do more competition style training and there is no need to reward him after each heeling. I certainly haven’t yet lost my hope for getting him controlling his bottom also in a long attack spot 🙂


Thank You

  • Ake, our helper. You have always been there for us. Through thick and thin.
  • Training group. Without your eyes I would never know what happens with Inspis’s butt.
  • Parendo Vinces handlers. Why going to a therapist, when you can call to your pup buyers?
  • Dagsmark. Inspis loves his food. And I love to know where it comes from.
  • Stefan. For everything. Whether it’s apple pie or a bottle of cava.
  • Everyone who I didn’t mention but who has helped us during our journey.